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It may seem strange for a company like Random Adventure to do a review on a sound system, but hear me out;

We aren’t just a company that goes for bike rides with Charlie Kelly, Lee Cragie and Steve Abraham, followed by a talk. We put on talks, cinemas, music gigs, races and many other events. A PA system is actually an important tool of what I use along with myself working as a freelance sound engineer and as a DJ.

So when Rob from FBT offered us to demo one of their systems for the evening it was impossible to say no, Rob is the north’s FBT rep and FBT has a reputation for going the extra mile, going to demo nights and helping expose their brand. The fact they had a chance to use their system for a unique experience (not many blues gigs in bike shops..) was also beneficial to themselves as a brand too.

The set up is unique as we don’t use a conventional two speaker stereo set up for a number of reasons; space is limited and near impossible to place two speakers out front, as it’s 50 capacity, there isn’t that much of a need for the power of two speakers, the singer is in mono anyway….

System used, full specs below.

Ventis 206A top 1 of

SubLine 112SA 1 of


Ventis 110A 1of


A bike shop come cafe in Clitheroe, the cafe area can seat approximately 50 at max capacity, however it is in overall size ~125 capacity.


Two solo guitar blues singers, Tim Holehouse and Malcom Tent:

Malcom used acoustic guitar and singing (FBT DM-29 mic)

Tim used, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and amp (SM57), stomp box (DI) and vocals (FBT DM-29)

Mixer used:

Bheringer X12 controlled by X-air software and CAT6, personal headphone monitors HD-25 MKII.

All leads, VanDamme or Klotz

Test track:

Bonobo Cirrus

Right away I can hear a clarity in the highs of the track, Rob from FBT tells me this is the compression driven tweeters, the real treat came when I turned the system up, the volume, clarity and overall tone just got better and better when I cranked it up, with no distortion or uncomfortable loudness, just a crisp loudness.

1st impressions:

They are very light and well made, the truecon connection on the two Ventis speakers is a great improvement on the older power con connection. The weight is also worth noting, the sub is remarkably light, to the point you’re thinking, well this can’t sound that great, how wrong I was with that. The screens on the two Ventis speakers made setting up very easy in use, the settings and set up were remarkably easy and intuitive, including mic/line, delay, position (wedge, close to wall etc..)

In use:

I flattened the EQ on everything and only added correctional EQ when needed, I found the detail on the system so precise that EQing on a system I have never used or heard incredibly easy, there’s little to no colouring on the system bar the presets on the sub, the detail that came through the speakers made it incredibly easy to get a great sound right away, I only had to use my reference headphones a couple of times and that was basically as a AB test or to solo an element.

Rob set the sub to DJ to give it that extra kick, and for a 26Kg speaker is really does kick, Tim has a stomp box, a wooden box you stomp your foot on to to give a kick drum beat, when EQ’d and gated right, this stomp have a thunderous kick from a 12” 26Kg speaker.

The monitor, again this was set up easily and the floor wedge setting was applied, Tim had this to say on it:

The PA was very crystal clear good quality of sound. Only a bit of low end feed back in the monitors maybe a bit too much low end in the there, I didn’t have enough time to play with the EQ on the foldback. This was very minor and did not affect the performance, the pick ups on Tim’s guirar are very sensitive. The size of the pa to the sound was amazing the sub altho very small had a beautiful low end and really brought my kick out on my stomp box. Really good quality sound and made playing really easy.

Tim’s guitar has a very sensitive pickup and in a small environment can induce feedback.


For a quick use I haven’t had enough chance to play with the speaker in different environments and with different artists and in a DJ capacity. However, even for a system costing this much, it is now high up on my next purchase list, the versatility, power and low weight make this the perfect system for mobile use, backed up by FBT and their ever presence in the UK, you know you’re getting a product that will have proper backing from Rob, Mark and Jack. FBT have a great balance on a product here, it’s compact enough for carrying, it’s loud enough to replace a full range system, the clarity from such volumes is amazing too with no distortion when pushed very hard.

On a side note, you’ll notice both singers used an FBT DM-29 microphone, Rob gave me this to try, it never got replaced back with my 58 and sounded great, on;y advice is it empathises the p’s so a foam filter will help. This is now used more than my 58, although both have slightly different characteristics they perform almost identically.

Full spec of the system used below:

Ventis 206A  SSP £789 each

The VENTIS 206 and 206A can be deployed as a front fill, an under-balcony fill or as a main providing pristine speech intelligibility or simply as the full-range companion of a subwoofer. Constructed in 12mm birch plywood, the 206 and 206a has an integrated rear handle, an optional mounting bracket and, most importantly, an astonishing size to SPL ratio.

The enclosures are as suitable for fixed installation as they are for use on the stage.

M10 mounting points are included as standard while an optional U-bracket can be used for wall-mounting.

For use on the road, the  VENTIS models include aluminium handles with rubber inserts, and a 35mm pole mount socket.

Code:    40639

Power cord:        5m

Net Dimension (WxHxD):              190 x 560 x 260mm

Net Weight:        12.3kg

Configuration:   2 Way

Built in amplifier:              900w (700w LF + 200w HF)

Built in amplifier peak:   1800w (1400w LF + 400w HF)

Frequency Response:     70Hz – 20kHz -6dB

Low Frequency Woofer: 2x 6.5

High Frequency driver:  1

Maximum SPL continuous/peak:               124/131dB

Dispersion (HxV):             70 degrees x 50 degrees rotatable

Input Impedance:            22kOhm

AC power requirements:              640VA

Input Connector:              XLR/Jack Combo socket with XLR link out, RCA stereo input

SubLine 112SA ssp £859 each

Bass-reflex design with high SPL and punch

– 320mm (12”) high excursion magnet woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil

– Frequency response from 40Hz to 140Hz

– New amplifier engineered and manufactured by FBT, 700W RMS LF in Class D

– Digital Signal processor with 8 presets, 2 equalisation with 2 LPF Crossover settings, cardioid configuration

– Control panel with Stereo XLR in/outs, Volume, EQ presets, 8 steps Delay from 0.25m to 3.5m, Phase Reversal Switch 0°-180°, 3 status LED indicators

– 15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure with internal bracing

– M20 (20mm) top mount speaker stand socket and two aluminium ergonomic FBT handles

Configuration:   Subwoofer

Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 700w

Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF:      1400w

Frequency response:      40Hz – 140Hz

Low Frequency woofer: 12″ (3″ VC)

Maximum SPL cont/peak:            130/133dB SPL

Dispersion:         Omnidirectional

Input connector:              Stereo XLR In/Out (High Pass/Link Out)

Power cord:        5m IEC

Net Dimension (WxHxD):              430 x 447 x 480mm

Net Weight:        23 kg

Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 530 x 547 x 580mm


The floor monitor Ventis 110A SSP £ 841 each


For the VENTIS range, quality and flexibility are the watchwords. Based on a powerful combination of B&C compression drivers and FBT’s own custom, long excursion woofers, the 115, 112 and 110 models are two-way, bass reflex designs housed in 15mm birch plywood. A full-grille design backed by specially treated acoustic cloth delivers the characteristic style for which FBT is known, while fully rotatable constant directivity horns ensure accurate coverage.

Code:    40640

Power cord:        5m

Net Dimension (WxHxD):              329 x 575 x 325mm

Net Weight:        15.6kg

Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 420 x 675 x 400

Transport Weight:           18.1kg

Configuration:   2 Way

Built in amplifier:              900w (700w LF + 200w HF)

Built in amplifier peak:   1800w (1400w LF + 400w HF)

Frequency Response:     58Hz – 20kHz -6dB

Low Frequency Woofer: 10

High Frequency driver:  1

Maximum SPL continuous/peak:               124/131dB

Dispersion (HxV):             80 Degrees x 50 Degrees rotatable

Input Impedance:            22kOhm

AC power requirements:              640VA

Input Connector:              XLR/Jack Combo socket with XLR link out, RCA stereo input

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